Dakota Curling – Burnsville, Minnesota USA

Common Questions

How much does it cost?
Leagues cost between $150 and $350 per person, depending on the number of games and league format.  Typical leagues are either 8 or 16 weeks long and may or may not include the cost of instruction. Visit the Leagues page for more details on league structure and league dues. Almost all of your money goes directly into the cost of renting the ice-time.

What if I don’t know how to curl?
At the beginning of each session, DCC offers single-session Learn To Curl classes. If you are new to curling and NOT registered for an Instructional League, you should register for one of these classes. If you are unable to attend a Learn to Curl class before your league starts, register anyway and just show up for your first game 30 minutes early.  There are plenty of experienced curlers around who will show you the basics and get you curling right away.  We recommend you take a Learn To Curl class the next time they are offered.

The Dakota Curling Club also offers Instructional Leagues in which the first session is a Learn to Curl class and the remaining 6 sessions are 20 minutes of instruction on a specific topic followed by a 6-end league game.  Instructors are available on the ice during each game to give tips and advice in the context of game play.  These leagues are an excellent opportunity to build skills and become competent at the game quickly.

You can also contact the League Manager to put your name on a mailing list to be notified when Learn to Curl classes are scheduled.  These will also be available on our Events page when they are scheduled and will be listed as Learn To Curl.

Do I have to form a complete team in order to register?
No!  You can register as an individual or a couple and we will attempt to place you on a team.

Do you have any open ice time I can just bring some friends by and check it out?
We do occasionally schedule open houses and open ice sessions where you can come by and try it out. When scheduled, these are published on our Events page.  Otherwise, we encourage you to visit during any scheduled league play game.  Usually, all sheets are occupied with league play, but if any are open, you are welcome to get on the ice.  See the  League Schedule for a listing of when we are on the ice.  Contact the League Manager if you’d like to check in advance whether there are any sheets open during league play.

What equipment do I need to purchase in order to curl?
To curl, you need only a broom and a slider (which is a teflon surface that fits over the sole of one shoe.)  The club will have this equipment available to borrow. Ee encourage you to purchase your own, but this is not required.  If you are planning to purchase your own equipment, we recommend you purchase through Shot Rock Curling Supplies or Steve’s Curling Supplies.  Shot Rock usually sets up a display table near the beginning of the curling season where so you can look at equipment in person.

How long does it take to play a game?
Games are made up of eight ends and usually take approximately 2 hours to play.  Because we are on rented ice our game slots are limited strictly to 2 hours each and teams should play quickly in order to complete all 8 ends.

Can kids curl?
Standard curling rocks weigh 42 pounds each, and as such can be difficult for young children to handle.  The DCC leagues are all adult leagues, but your teenage children may be able to join you in curling.  If you would like to register a student under 16 years of age, please check with the league manager before doing so.

The DCC is hoping to start a youth curling league sometime in the near future that will specifically target younger children.

Can I come watch a game?
Our games are played at the Burnsville Ice Center on Sunday afternoons and evenings and there are seats for observation.  This is not a warm room, so please dress accordingly.  See the Events and or League Schedule for dates and times.

Can I register as a sub?
Yes, members are welcome as subs-only and pay the same league fees as other members.  Non-members may only participate in league play two times before they are expected to join the club as members.  If you’d like to subscribe to our sub mailing list please click here to register.

What if I want to register as a member of your club but do not want to play in a league this year?
Typically, you can only be a member by paying League Dues within the previous 3 years.  A Social Membership is free and simply means you follow us on a consistent basis and maybe even substitute during League play.