Dakota Curling – Burnsville, Minnesota USA

Private Events

Looking for a fun alternative to your annual company holiday party or summer golf tournament?  Take your group curling!

The Dakota Curling Club is able to host private events year-round, and can host groups of up to 40 people per session.  Larger groups can be accommodated by arranging back-to-back or overlapping sessions.

Our event format can be flexible to fit your needs and your group size.  Typically, a private event includes brief off-ice instruction to cover basic rules of the game, and on-ice practice session in which your players learn to throw rocks, sweep, and score, followed by an actual game of 2-4 ends of curling.  We can arrange additional open ice time for your group to practice or play unstructured as well if you are interested.

Pricing for private events is on a per-person basis and may fluctuate based on the length of the event and the desired activities.  Please contact our Event Coordinator to discuss your event and get a quote.  You will likely find that curling is a very cost-effective group activity and may even be less than your other alternatives!

You are permitted to bring in outside catering for your event if you wish.  If you would like to bring in alcoholic beverages, we need to know that in advance so that we can schedule a time period that does not overlap with other youth groups that may be using the facility. Please be sure to discuss your catering plans with us when you schedule your event.

Our aim in designing private events if always to maximize the fun of the outing!