Dakota Curling – Burnsville, Minnesota USA

New Website Unveiled

Dakota Curling has a brand new website, just in time for the Olympic rush! The new website has more information about all the fun ways you can get involved with curling, including taking classes, playing in our leagues, and scheduling a private event.

Need to know who you’re playing this week? Curious how your team is doing in the standings? Our new league pages show the complete match schedule as well as the current standings for each league.

Also be sure to visit our new Calendar where you can check the game schedule as well as dates for upcoming private events and classes. And when curling is on TV or available for streaming over the web, we’ll post calendar entries with details and links so you can find great curling to watch!

Private features for current club members are under development and will be released soon. If you have any ideas for improving the website, please let us know. We are also very interested in collecting photos that you have taken at the club so we can publish some photo galleries. If you have anything to share, let Chris Houghton know.