Dakota Curling Club Annual Meeting Highlights Sustainable Future

The proposed layout of the new Dakota Curling Club

In the first virtual only Dakota Curling Club annual meeting, Board President Jason Botterill and members of the board outlined plans for keeping DCC active and growing for years to come...and announces registration for the Fall 2020 season. Membership also voted on board nominees filling all vacant positions.

Jason noted that, with the signing of a new lease imminent, the board had worked diligently over the past 3 months to work with building ownership and other partners to transform the club that is sustainable and provides for growth beginning immediately and for years to come. While the plan calls for the downsizing of the current physical space (six sheets to four) the long term future of the club offers incredible new opportunities to continue the tradition curling s in Dakota County.

Needless to say there will be many opportunities for volunteers to help transform the club by the beginning of the fall season. Registration for that season begin on July 1st.

For detail, please see the annual meeting presentation here.