Return to Curling Guidelines Released

We can all agree it's a very strange time for everyone as we try to live as normal a life as possible during the current Covid-19 pandemic. With the safety of our members in mind, and the fall season approaching, the Dakota Curling Club Board of directors has issued the following guidelines for curling.

To download an up to date copy please click here.


At the time of publication, this document represents the intended policies for Dakota Curling Club upon resuming curling operations. This policy ​will be updated​ on an ongoing basis to best support the wellbeing of the club and our members.


  1. All persons inside DCC facilities are REQUIRED to wear masks at all times
  2. All entrants must comply with all signage and directions/instructions from staff and this policy
  3. All entrants must self-screen for COVID symptoms using the sign posted at the entrance. Those with symptoms should not curl and depart the building as soon as reasonably possible. NOTE: Entrants would not require temperature scan upon entrance.
  4. Persons not scheduled to be at the club must sign in. League players, scheduled bartenders, and scheduled ice crew will not need to sign in.
  5. Persons in the club (including the ice shed) shall maintain 6 ft physical distancing to the extent possible
  6. In order to comply with the current Minnesota Governor’s Executive Order limiting occupancy, a NO VISITORS policy is in effect
  7. Contactless payment by credit card only
  8. All common/high touch areas (e.g. Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, lockers, etc.)​ ​will be disinfected at least:
    1. At close of club each day
    2. During each draw (or once per draw as applicable)
  9. League Play (Fall 2020)
    1. Draw times will be adjusted to increase the time between draws and limit crowding in
      the warm room
    2. Players should not enter the building more than 15 minutes before their draw time
    3. Draw end times will be strictly enforced
    4. Players should vacate the building no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled end of
      their draw time
    5. Game starting ends will be staggered (A&C, B&D)
  10. Practice Ice must be reserved (procedure TBD)
  1. Locker Rooms are CLOSED
    1. Please arrive dressed and ready to play (aside from curling shoes)
    2. Change shoes in warm room and proceed to the ice shed at the start of your draw
  2. Bonspiels, private events, learn to curl, etc. will comply with the club COVID policy. Events may be held if they are in compliance.
  3. Bar will be closed to begin the season

a. The board will continue to evaluate an appropriate plan for opening

  1. Beverages, Water Bottles, Food
    1. “Community” water pitchers WILL NOT be allowed
    2. Must remove all beverage containers from the ice before leaving the ice
    3. Drink holders should be cleaned after each draw
    4. No shared food (potluck, pizzas, etc.)


  2. Hammer will be predetermined.
    1. Staff will determine team WITH HAMMER using a randomizing system prior to the start
      of each league game
    2. Team WITHOUT HAMMER will select color prior to entering the ice
  3. Enter through the main ice shed door (near sheet D)
  4. Mask wearing is MANDATORY for every person on the ice
  5. Maintain six-foot “social distance” from other players on your sheet and neighboring sheets to the greatest extent possible
    1. Non-delivering team locations
      1. Skip: behind the playing-end Hack
      2. Next to deliver: at the Tee line
      3. Sweeper: near the center of the ice at the markings
      4. Fourth team member/Timer: at the Hog Line
    2. Delivering team locations
      1. Skip: in the House
      2. Individual throwing: in the Hack
      3. Single Sweeper: at/near Tee Line
      4. Fourth team member/Timer: at the Hog Line
    3. No handshakes or elbow bumps. A simple “Good curling” or “Good luck” will suffice
  1. Sweeping
    1. Only one sweeper per throw
    2. No relaying the sweep (sweeper switches with teammate halfway down the ice)
    3. No sweeping of opponent stones behind the tee line
    4. No sweeping by the non-throwing team
  2. Club equipment
    1. Common use items (sliders, grippers, brooms, stabilizers) must be sanitized after each
      use (end of draw) by the user or one designated person per team (Leagues)
    2. To the maximum extent possible, do not share equipment (including stabilizers)
      between players
    3. Staff will sanitize after use by any outside (non-league) group
  3. Scoreboards will be used by only one person per game. Scorecards and scoreboard must be sanitized by the user after the draw
  4. Stones
    1. Do not touch any stones with your hands, other than the ones you are throwing.
      (Typical use: First = 1&2, Second = 3&4, Vice = 5&6, Skip = 7&8)
    2. At the completion of an end, one player from each team (typically the person in charge
      of the House) should use his or her feet or broom head to clear his or her team’s stones
      from play
    3. Cleaning the bottom of stone should be done with broom (not hands) when necessary
    4. Sanitizing of stone handles to happen at the end of each draw by the teams playing
  5. Measuring tools
    1. Measuring tools will not be made available
    2. In the event the two teams cannot agree, the stones would be considered “tied” and the score handled per the normal rules
  6. Ice Cleaning Equipment (large push broom, small dust brooms, corn brooms) shall be sanitized by the user after use
  7. Only ice crew members or those specifically approved by ice crew should handle the equipment (Scraper, nipper, pebbling equipment)
  8. Exposure response process is being maintained in accordance with official requirements and recommendations
  9. Cleaning procedures are being maintained in accordance with official requirements and recommendations