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About the Dakota Curling Club

The Dakota Curling Club was founded in 2006, primarily in response to the growing interest in curling generated by coverage in the Olympics. Having first started as an arena club playing one day a week at the Burnsville Ice Center, the Dakota Curling Club is located at Holyoke Plaza in downtown Lakeville, MN. This is an exciting club is made up of dedicated curlers as well as a committed field of volunteers.

While the Dakota Curling Club has many seasoned and talented members, we are also especially well-known for our welcoming and supportive attitude toward new curlers. Many club members are certified curling instructors and we have a strong and well developed program for teaching people how to curl.

The Dakota Curling Club is also dedicated to preparing our members, who are interested, for national and international play.  Many of our teams travel to competitions and bonspiels in neighboring states and around the world.  If you're interested in the social and competitive nature of curling both near and far, we'll help you get there.

Our Mission

"The Dakota Curling Club is where curlers of all abilities can gather, learn and compete in a welcoming and fun environment that respects and champions the traditions of the game and the diversity of its players."

Dakota Curling Club Values


Dakota Curling believes in the responsible oversight and execution of all activities and aspects of the club and its mission.

The board and members will be responsible and held accountable for managing the organization’s financial stability, member growth and the upkeep and improvement of what we consider to be the high quality of our facility, all while upholding the culture and tradition of the sport of curling.

In addition, we will provide ongoing communication of our activities to all members and participants within the Dakota Curling and greater Lakeville area communities.


We want you, no matter what your level of involvement, to feel enriched through your experience with us. We will offer opportunities to grow skill levels, to build relationships both in the club and the community, and to participate in social events.

Our board and membership will continually strive to enhance your curling experience and to promote the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.


We respect diversity and the inclusion of all people. We believe in nurturing your curling skills, abilities and interests.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or how you got here, You are welcome!


Building trust is important to us at Dakota Curling. In order to achieve this we strive to demonstrate integrity and honesty in our fiscal, operational and personal interactions.

We value honest, transparent communication with our membership as well as being a respected member of the Lakeville community.


To be truly successful Dakota Curling believes that fun and enjoyment is the centerpiece of all that we do.

Whether you are playing in a league, serving on the board, volunteering, competing in a bonspiel or are here for the very first time, our desire is that you find joy in the sport of curling.

A Bit of History

After more than 10 years playing on arena ice at Burnsville Ice Center, the Dakota Curling Club proudly has dedicated ice at Holyoke Plaza in downtown Lakeville, taking over the space formerly occupied by Total Hockey.

For many decades, the historic St. Paul Curling club was the only place to play in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. The Dakota Curling Club, which opened in 2006, was the first club after St. Paul to serve the growing public interest in curling driven by inclusion of curling as an Olympic sport. Over the years, three additional dedicated curling clubs in St. Paul, Blaine, and Chaska have opened, all with some level of municipal support. The Dakota Curling Club is the first new club to open in the Twin Cities strictly on the basis of grass-roots growth, and the only dedicated curling facility south of the Minnesota river. Our club is truly developed by curlers themselves and is built around a deep understanding of the traditions and culture of this unique sport.

Our dedicated curling facility at Holyoke Plaza in downtown Lakeville features 4 sheets of curling, a warm room, and a bar. Our unique location on the main street of a vibrant, walk-able downtown area gives members great access to nearby restaurants, breweries, and other business. We are a proud community gathering place for all of Lakeville and surrounding communities!

We offer a full range of leagues including instructional, recreational, competitive, senior, and youth. Registration for these leagues is available here. Each season, members who have played at least one league with us in a previous season will enjoy a one week pre-registration window before registration opens to the general public. Please join our mailing list if you'd like an announcement when the league schedule is announced.

As you might imagine, there is much work to be done each and every season! The Dakota Curling Club is truly built on the strengths of our wonderful members. If you'd like to volunteer in any capacity, please send an email to president@dakotacurling.org or give us a call at 952-479-0322.

The Dakota Curling Club is also proud to be the home club for the 2013 Arena Nationals Women's Gold Champion team and the 2016 Arena Nationals Women's Silver Champion team!


2013 Arena Nationals Women's Gold Medalists

L to R: Julie Wennberg (second), Robyn Farm (lead), Jenny Witschen (vice), Darcy Ellarby (skip), Beth Lundquist (alternate)

2016 Arena Nationals Women's Silver Medalists

L to R: Darcy Ellarby (skip), Sandra McMakin (vice), Leslie Adair (second), Lisa Nowak (second), Trish Elliott(alternate)