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Sub Policy and Game Reschedules


When you are unable to make a game, you are responsible for finding your own substitute.  The club has a bulletin board near the entrance to the ice where you can leave a note if you are looking for a sub, or post a note if you are available to be a sub.

You can also contact members from other leagues by email to ask if they would be interested in subbing.  You must log in before you can send email to other players.

"Casual" subs who play at Dakota only once or twice during a calendar year do not need to join the club.  Feel free to invite a friend or neighbor to come play a game in your place.  Anyone who subs more frequently than once or twice a year should join the club as a member.

We offer two stand-alone membership categories that come with privileges to play as a sub.  Social Membership costs $60 per year and includes six games as a sub.  Full Adult membership costs $85 per year and includes twelve sub games.

Members who are also registered in a league are welcome to sub an unlimited number of games.

Teams may also play with three members if one player is missing last minute and a sub cannot be secured.  Substitutes by convention are expected to play in Lead position, unless the opponent agrees to a different line up.

You must have at least two members of the original team present in order to field a team.  If you are unable to bring two rostered members, you must either forfeit or reschedule your game.

Game Reschedules

If you are unable to play a game, you may reschedule your game to any member practice window of sufficient length (2 hours is needed to play a game).  The skip requesting the reschedule must get agreement from the opposing skip on the rescheduled game, otherwise the game is a forfeit with a win going to the opposing skip. Skips can be contacted from the Teams listing under your league.

Rescheduled games must get the approval of the League Manager in advance in order to reserve a sheet of ice during a member practice session.

In the event of a draw cancellation, Dakota Curling will contact players with as much notice as possible.  The draw will be rescheduled by DCC within the best of our ability to maintain the day of week and time.  This will not always be possible and if you are unable to play at the rescheduled date/time, skips will be responsible for rescheduling the draw per the above instructions.  Inability to play at the rescheduled date/time will not be considered as cause for a refund.