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Intermediate Clinics

Dakota Curling offers Intermediate Skills Clinics at various times throughout the year to help curlers build on basic skills and become the best curlers they can possibly be. Skills Clinics at Dakota are NOT limited to Dakota Curling members only - curlers from around the region are welcome to join us for one of these great instructional programs.

Intermediate clinics at Dakota Curling are not entry-level programs.  If you are brand new to the game, we suggest you sign up for one of our Learn to Curl classes instead.

Curling Clinic: Fine Tune Your Delivery

Date and Time coming soon!

Need better balance?  Trouble hitting the broom?  Can't get enough weight in your take-outs?

This two hour clinic will take a deep dive into all the factors that must come together for a great curling delivery, including balance, body position, and the mechanics of movement.  Led by Level II and III Curling Instructors, this clinic is sure to help you develop a more consistent and effective curling delivery.

Topics will include:

  • The ABC's of a good delivery
  • Grip, Turn and Release
  • Personal Video Analysis and 1:1 feedback

Curling Clinic: Rocks In Motion

Date and Time coming soon!

Every curling shot well made is a complete team effort. Even if a shot is thrown perfectly, three quarters of the team are still able influence the outcome of the shot!

This two hour clinic will cover everything you need to think about and do while the rock is in motion, skills which are often under-appreciated in their ability to make or break games.  Led by Level II and III Curling Instructors, this clinic will help you think differently about the roles of sweepers and skips and develop a much deeper appreciation for why curling is truly a team sport.

Topics will include:

  • Effective Sweeping Techniques
  • Interval Timing
  • Weight Judgement
  • Line Calling
  • Ice Reading