Member Information

Dakota Curling is more than just a great curling's a curling club!

Becoming a member of Dakota Curling Club goes beyond the obvious benefit of enjoying great curling. It also makes you part of a community of people who want to see curling succeed in Lakeville and the south metro area. As an organization that does not (yet) have over 100 years of history or partnerships with local government, we are especially reliant upon our membership for support.

Unlike a curling "facility," we do not have a large number of paid staff members to cover all of the various needs of the club. We rely on our members to contribute to the success of the club. This can take on many forms including volunteering, financial donations, and promoting the growth of the club.

Being a member is both a privilege and a responsibility that we hope you will embrace for the continued growth and success of Dakota Curling Club.

Come for the curling, stay for the community!