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Did you know that Dakota Curling is a non-profit, volunteer run organization? It takes a lot to run a curling club and we depend on
volunteers to run all of our leagues, classes, bonspiels, ice maintenance, cleaning, bartending, and special projects. Can you lend a hand?

  • Effective July 1st, 2023 all DCC members 21 and over will be required, as a
    part of their registered membership, to participate in a minimum of 10 hours
    of volunteer work per curling season (July 1 to June 30) or pay $150.
  • First time DCC members and members joining halfway through
    the season are considered exempt.
  • Upon registration, members will select a membership option to
    include volunteering or an additional $150 fee.
  • Members will report their volunteer hours to the club by
    recording them in a log book located at the club.
  • In the event a member elected to pay $150, but ultimately
    completes 10 hours of volunteer work, a $150 credit will be
    applied to the member’s Leagueapps account.

    • This credit will remain valid until 12 months after the end
      of the current season. (Ex. Credit earned at any point
      during the 2023-2024 season would be valid until the end
      of the 2024-2025 season)
    • A check can be issued instead of Leagueapps credit
      upon request.
  • Volunteer hours above and beyond 10 hours per individual
    member may be applied to other members of the same
  • Members who do not meet the 10 hours requirement in full will be
    required to retroactively pay the $150 fee.

Ways to Volunteer

Put your talents to work or learn something new. Who knows, you could be the first on your block that knows how to pebble a curling sheet.

Click the button above for a list of volunteer opportunities, descriptions, and contact information.

Do you have an idea for something that is not on the list? Please contact careek@dakotacurling.org

Volunteer of the Year 

Click the button below to fill out and submit your nomination for Volunteer of the Year!